Locksmith Venice

Safety locks for doors, garage up and over doors, anti burglary havy duty systems

Only 7 to 7 days, but not 24 hour, opening hour from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm

Locksmith Venice, emergency services, opening armored doors, repair and replacement of locks in Mestre, Venice and its province.

Door locked and stay closed outside the house, locksmith and services for the replacement of high-security locks for armored doors that is guaranteed for the entire province of Venice, Padua and Treviso.

locksmith venice, emergency seven out of seven days, replace locks, door opening

By calling this number 344.1597391 we will speak to you in English

If you are stuck inside the house or locked out of the house, call Michele Bortolotti urgent blacksmith in Mestre and Venice who is active with a service 7 days a week, open on holidays, open today, open Saturday and Sunday, which has been operating in the sector since 1994 as maintenance technician specialized in opening doors and replacing high security locks.

At the bottom right, for those who surf from smartphones, there is the button for a quick and direct call with the locksmith.

Locksmith Venice 344.1597391 – foreign customers

A Venice locksmith phone number is active for tourists, foreign customers and Italian citizens who speak English and who have to solve a problem of blocked lock, cylinder change, if you have been locked away from home, replacement of door locks armored doors and garage doors and windows with high security resistance to break-ins.

Disclaimer and warnings on generalist services and on the sidelines of the locksmith sector

Be absolutely wary of ads and sponsored with low intervenzions prices and moderate prices for locks spare parts, because often suprises and unfulfilled promises are hidden, pay attention to smoky and mysterious descriptions and to the VAT number or Ateco code of the companies that give clear clues and proofs of operations in the territory, specialization and tax position, it is advisable to also read the reviews on Google.

My testimonials, my satisfied customers HERE in the new Blindax brand.

The services of excellence in Venice and the province of Mr. Michele Bortolotti

Home safety seven out of seven days, replace locks for armored doors

Send photos of your locks to change on whatsapp and briefly explain your problem


“Hi, I’m Jennifer and I live in Mestre in Via Bissuola and I need a locksmith to change my lock on the security door, I send the photos”.

Shot and send the lock pictures directly by Whatsapp or Signal

My specific services as a locksmith in Mestre and in the province of Venice, Padua (Padova), Treviso are:

  • locksmith venice
  • 7/7 emergency (8.00 am to 9.00 pm)
  • locksmith services and key
  • high security locks for doors
  • replace lock
  • emergency lock
  • armoured lock
  • garage up and over doors
  • armored locksmith
  • garage door safety
Mr. Michele Bortolotti, your residential locksmith 7 days a week for Venice, Mestre and its province.

The pages with our excellent services for emergency door opening and the change of armored and non-armored locks:

Venice and its province locksmith for repairing locks

For the arrangement and repair of locks, unlocking and opening armored doors, emergency interventions are guaranteed for the entire province of Venice and in the municipalities of: Chioggia, Dolo, Maerne, Marcon, Marghera, Martellago, Mira, Mirano, Noale, Jesolo , Portogruaro, San Donà di Piave, Scorzé, Spinea, Padova, Treviso.

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